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Podcast 22: Managing Your Life As A Homeschool Parent

Podcast 22: Managing Your Life As A Homeschool Parent

Jan 04, 2022

Listen in as we share with you what we  do as busy parents  of 8 kids. Take what works for you- leave the rest!

You’ll want to listen to this, especially if you are overwhelmed and feeling like you can’t homeschool & manage your home. I’ll teach you the systems we use in our home to make sure everything gets done without drama.

If you want more help and take the work deeper, grab The Homeschool Moms’ Survival Kit that Katie put together in her business, Health Wellness & Chocolate. You can grab that Here:

For more helpful tips, download the free pdf “10 Tips To Begin Homeschooling Now” which will save you hours of time researching the answers to these questions and more. This is the place to get your homeschool parenting questions answered. 

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