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Hi There!

Welcome To Spotlight On Home.

We're Chris & Katie Corbett.

As Christians, we believe it's time to reclaim the family and shine a spotlight on the home as the hub of culture and life. We've been homeschooling our 8 kids for the past 11 years.


After speaking at several homeschool conferences and mentoring parents for years about homeschool as a way of life, we decided to create Spotlight On Home to help guide new homeschool families. We believe that homeschooling can be very rewarding for everyone, but realize that it's not an easy task to rise to.  

Our purpose is to encourage and equip homeschool families to not only survive homeschool life, but thrive and create education as a way of life. Where mothers love their husbands and children, and men come to task and lead their families.

Welcome, we're so happy you're here.


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